Toni Monner

Chief Executive Officer

He is responsible for overseeing all airline operations. Manages the virtual airline and staff and approves all new rules and policies of the virtual airline and report the changes directly to the airline members.

Néstor Díaz

Social media and marketing department

Is responsible of keeping Air Excellence's social media updated and also he is in charge of managing our marketing policy and corporate image.

Alejandro Leganés

Flight operations department

Is responsible of updating Air Excellence's operations manual, additionally creates new routes and manage our fleet and its destinations and use.

Alejandro López

Route manager

Is responsible of managing our routes and destinations assisting Air Excellence's flight operations department. He also manages all agreement with the aeronautical and aeroportuary authorities.

Kamal Khan

Ground operations department

Is responsible of the registration process of new Air Excellence's pilots and retire inactive one, also helps validating flights and managing SIMACARS system solving possible problems.

Ricardo Carrano

Maintenance and web department

Is responsible of creating all repaints for our planes and manage the web and forum administration.

Javier Gómez

Web department assistant

Is responsible of managing our web and database administration assisting Air Excellence's webmaster.

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