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NOTAM Creation Date2017-01-06
NOTAM Publish Date2017-01-06

Dear pilots,

Our forum has been now updated and it's now on again. Our web service provider also made some updated which unfortunately, made our previous forum, incompatible with it, as you may have notice during the past weeks, the design has been now changed and some functionalities may be unserviceable. We kindly request to all of you to report any kind of issue providing as much information as possible in order to solve the issue as soon as practicable. If possible send your enquires to our web departament addresses.

Our forum is currently using a BETA version of the famous SMF forum service so some features may be out of service for a long time. We apologise for any kind of inconvenience this update or modification may cause you. We are striving to make everyday Air Excellence even better.
By the way, we apologise for the late reply on some of your enquires through this forum. Remember you can also use our staff email addresses for any of your requests and/or suggestions.

Happy new year!

Best regards and wishes,
The Air Excellence | Forum Team.

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